Empathy in Sociopaths

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“There are two kinds of empathy,” says James Fallon, a neuroscientist at the University of California and author of The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain. “Cognitive empathy is the ability to know what other people are feeling, and emotional empathy is the kind where you feel what they’re feeling.” Autistic people can be very empathetic – they feel other people’s pain – but are less able to recognise the cues we read easily, the smiles and frowns that tell us what someone is thinking. Psychopaths are often the opposite: they know what you’re feeling, but don’t feel it themselves. “This all gives certain psychopaths a great advantage, because they can understand what you’re thinking, it’s just that they don’t care, so they can use you against yourself.” (Chillingly, psychopaths are particularly adept at detecting vulnerability. A 2008 study that asked participants to remember virtual characters found that those who scored highly for psychopathy had a near perfect recognition for sad, unsuccessful females, but impaired memory for other characters.)


Good old empathy, a lot of uses for this.

Police Protection: What is it good for

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The police’s role is to clean up the bodies and attend to the crime scene, not to protect citizens or Americans.


Also in other news, I suspect Google didn’t tell the NSA about it because the NSA is the one responsible for the bug in the first place. A nice backdoor access.

Welcome to the War against Humanity

Posted April 15, 2014 by ymarsakar
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The Left’s war on humanity continues while people take their summer vacations.


Since the Left is already in a war against drugs, women, children, Republicans, ranchers in Nevada, it’s too long of a list.

Martial Artists spend their time doing crazy stuff

Posted April 14, 2014 by ymarsakar
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Things like staff or bo spinning for conditioning and coordination improvement.

In Asia, old men are often respected if not revered.

There’s a reason for that.


A martial artist, using certain methods, can grow much more powerful as they age and only the strongest and most capable at survival can survive the numerous challenges and threats to their life into old age. A lot of it is mythology, but there are historical figures you can check to see what was going on back then.

Other countries have their cultural pride and favorite past times as well. Sometimes independent of whatever military or economic power they have.

The Japanese have a saying that hard work can be its own reward. In many ways, what individuals come up with is strange and unique, but hard work is the base of all those skills.

BLM, Nevada, and Reid did get one kill

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Some guy in a bicycle tried to ride into or near a checkpoint. Guess what happened to him.

Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.

– Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) Serenity

The Leftist alliance for human utopia will not stop. They will not give up. Sometime later, they and their special ops rape and kill squads will find a target, where there are no cameras or recorders or cellphones, and we’ll have a few “disappearances”.

Post Totalitarianism for America

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{4}The manager of a fruit-and-vegetable shop places in his window, among the onions and carrots, the slogan: “Workers of the world, unite!” Why does he do it? What is he trying to communicate to the world? Is he genuinely enthusiastic about the idea of unity among the workers of the world? Is his enthusiasm so great that he feels an irrepressible impulse to acquaint the public with his ideals? Has he really given more than a moment’s thought to how such a unification might occur and what it would mean?

{5}I think it can safely be assumed that the overwhelming majority of shopkeepers never think about the slogans they put in their windows, nor do they use them to express their real opinions. That poster was delivered to our greengrocer from the enterprise headquarters along with the onions and carrots. He put them all into the window simply because it has been done that way for years, because everyone does it, and because that is the way it has to be. If he were to refuse, there could be trouble. He could be reproached for not having the proper decoration in his window; someone might even accuse him of disloyalty. He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life. It is one of the thousands of details that guarantee him a relatively tranquil life “in harmony with society,” as they say.

{6}Obviously the greengrocer . . . does not put the slogan in his window from any personal desire to acquaint the public with the ideal it expresses. This, of course, does not mean that his action has no motive or significance at all, or that the slogan communicates nothing to anyone. The slogan is really a sign, and as such it contains a subliminal but very definite message. Verbally, it might be expressed this way: “I, the greengrocer XY, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace.” This message, of course, has an addressee: it is directed above, to the greengrocer’s superior, and at the same time it is a shield that protects the greengrocer from potential informers. The slogan’s real meaning, therefore, is rooted firmly in the greengrocer’s existence. It reflects his vital interests. But what are those vital interests?

{7}Let us take note: if the greengrocer had been instructed to display the slogan “I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient;’ he would not be nearly as indifferent to its semantics, even though the statement would reflect the truth. The greengrocer would be embarrassed and ashamed to put such an unequivocal statement of his own degradation in the shop window, and quite naturally so, for he is a human being and thus has a sense of his own dignity. To overcome this complication, his expression of loyalty must take the form of a sign which, at least on its textual surface, indicates a level of disinterested conviction. It must allow the greengrocer to say, “What’s wrong with the workers of the world uniting?” Thus the sign helps the greengrocer to conceal from himself the low foundations of his obedience, at the same time concealing the low foundations of power. It hides them behind the facade of something high. And that something is ideology.

{8}Ideology is a specious way of relating to the world. It offers human beings the illusion of an identity, of dignity, and of morality while making it easier for them to part with them. As the repository of something suprapersonal and objective, it enables people to deceive their conscience and conceal their true position and their inglorious modus vivendi, both from the world and from themselves. It is a very pragmatic but, at the same time, an apparently dignified way of legitimizing what is above, below, and on either side. It is directed toward people and toward God. It is a veil behind which human beings can hide their own fallen existence, their trivialization, and their adaptation to the status quo. It is an excuse that everyone can use, from the greengrocer, who conceals his fear of losing his job behind an alleged interest in the unification of the workers of the world, to the highest functionary, whose interest in staying in power can be cloaked in phrases about service to the working class. The primary excusatory function of ideology, therefore, is to provide people, both as victims and pillars of the post-totalitarian system, with the illusion that the system is in harmony with the human order and the order of the universe. . . .

{9}The post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on. This is why life in the system is so thoroughly permeated with hypocrisy and lies: government by bureaucracy is called popular government; the working class is enslaved in the name of the working class; the complete degradation of the individual is presented as his ultimate liberation;

Prophecies from the Past

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Some people probably thought we were over reacting. I wrote this, for example:

I estimate that even the most well informed political analysts don’t know more than 10% of what the Left’s been doing. The true nature of evil is yet hidden still. Rationality and intelligence isn’t enough to pierce it, only emotions and instinct are strong enough in truth to bypass the barrier of illusion. First listen to your heart and your nerves connected to your spine, before listening to the tv propaganda, the facebook propaganda, or the government propaganda with your logicked brain.

People didn’t know about Fast and Furious. Many didn’t even know the friendly park rangers were camping out cattle ranchers in Nevada with snipers. People didn’t know about Yeeland. People didn’t know about Reid’s corruption deals. People didn’t know about Hussein’s vacation expenses. Well, the list tends to go on for some time.

Those that thought the IRS was connected to Hussein were on the right track. Assume the worst, let them plan out the “hope” for the best and prove otherwise.


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